Hamburg Diaries No.1

I have recently acquired a new little mirrorless camera with a small footprint and a big heart, to get inspired by a new way of approaching image making (and on the practical side have a backup camera and a viable way to capture video with a flat log profile).

I have been making images for 25+ years now, and every tool I have used, switched and upgraded to has in some way changed my approach to how and what I see, how I move about in that mysterious zone where an approaching image makes itself heard in a faint whisper, and what leads to the pressing of the shutter release. It really is quite a magical process: part instinct, part craft, part premonition: an intense listening for some underlying magic at work to reveal itself.

In the best of times and even (or especially) on high-pressure assignments, this listening becomes some sort of meditation: a place in time where nothing but the present (and being present) matters, where I am fully immersed in the flow, out of my head and fully in my heart. I like to explain this dynamic to myself often, as it helps me remember:


So, back to my new camera: I took this friendly machine with me on some exploratory trips around Hamburg (with, as per usual, analog, manual Nikon glass attached via an adapter), and created in black and white.

My attentions has always, always been on color, and reducing a frame to black and white seemed, for one, fiitting for the grey season of fall and winter here in the North, plus it made me pay more attention to surfaces, lines, abstractions. A bit like changing the channel from “pop” to “jazz”, or having a philosophical conversation instead of sharing an experience in vivid detail with a good friend or friendly listener.

And: I really enjoy it. The process of looking. The exploring. The reduced language. The company of my dog Simon, who will follow me anywhere and who makes me feel like no trip off the beaten path is in vain, because: ” Hey, we’re here. How cool is that”.

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